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Tracking in Style

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There’s no reason why fitness trackers need to be clunky or unsightly. The newest generation of gadgets goes above and beyond, evolving to include stylish accessories from rings and bracelets to shorts and socks. Fitness trackers, also known as ‘wearables,’ have increased in popularity ever since they hit the market; the International Data Corporation says sales of wearables increased triple digits during the last quarter of 2015.
Here are seven stylish new wearable tech guaranteed to please the fashionistas and techies on your holiday gift list:

1. Ringly Aries – $245
Ringly puts a new spin on wearables with beautiful, this-actually-looks-like-just-a-ring smart rings. These high tech rings connect to Bluetooth, showcasing notifications for anything from text messages to calendar appointments.
Ringly also recently released the Aries, a smart bracelet that doubles as an activity tracker. The slim, gold-plated bangle features your choice of a semi-precious stone, and tracks steps walked and calories burned. The bracelets are set to ship in the fall, making it a perfect hot item to snag for the holidays.

2. Bellabeat LEAF – starting at $119
This small but mighty leaf-shaped tracker can do just about everything: it tracks all of your physical activity as well as inactivity, highlighting how much time your body is in a deep sleep; helps you stay mindful with guided meditation exercises; and even gets to know your body’s reproductive cycle. Wear the LEAF any way you want – clip it on clothing or wear it as a wrap bracelet or pendant necklace.

3. Sensaria Smart Socks – starting at $199
Not really into jewelry or accessories? With Sensaria’s Smart Socks, there’s no reason to don an extra item for fitness tracking – simply switch out your old socks for a smarter model! The smart socks track all the normal stuff, like steps taken and calories burnt, but also acts as a trainer, pointing out things like foot landing technique to help you run more effectively.

4. Griffin Ribbon Wristband – $14.99
Have a tracker that doesn’t quite fit your style? Spiff it up with this ribbon reminiscent of those trendy, no damage ribbon hair ties. The colorful, stretchy nylon bands come in two sizes and is compatible with five different trackers.

5. Lumo Lift + Swarovski Jewelry Clasp – $79.99 & $29.99
The Lumo Lift calls itself the world’s best selling digital posture coach. This small, quarter-sized sensor magnetically attaches to your shirt and tracks all of the traditional fitness stats. The coolest feature: it helps you achieve better posture with vibrations that notify you when you’re slouching or off kilter. Pair the sensor with a Swarovski Jewel Clasp (in options like a red dot or white flower) to show your Lift off as a classy pin.

6. Lumo Men’s Shorts & Sensor – $199.99
Also from Lumo comes Lumo Run, a sensor that acts like a running coach, tracking cadence, speed, calories burnt and more – all wrapped up into a pair of shorts. Get up to 20 hours of run time with a single charge and even get on-demand feedback for better form and posture during runs.

7. June by Netamo  - $49
June by Netamo is a different kind of tracker. It’s actually a beauty coach that measures your sun exposure, alerting you when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. Get it in three striking color options.