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Rise of the Tiny Trees

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Plus-sized Christmas trees aren’t the only option: there’s also petite, in the form of a tiny tree.
“Tabletop, narrow, pencil and even three-quarter Christmas trees are a great solution for small spaces. They can be small versions of larger trees, unlit or pre-lit, and made of glass, wood, crystal, plastic or other materials,” says Thomas Harman, CEO of Balsam Hill, an artificial tree maker in Redwood City, Colorado. “They’re also used by individuals who like to display more than one Christmas tree throughout the home.”
Alena Capra, owner of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Alena Capra Designs, says mini trees, which can range in height from as little as a few inches up to a tad below the traditional 7½-foot size, are ideal for seniors, kids and owners who are renovating or away for the holidays.
“They help set the holiday spirit but without all the effort of putting up a full-sized tree,” Capra says. “And there are amazing tiny ornament options available, too.”