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5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Holiday Handyman

What to do when things go awry at home during the holidays.


Not Another Gift Card Christmas

What to buy for the let-me-pick-it-out generation


5 Designers' Tree-Trimming Traditions

While the cast of characters and décor may change year-to-year, the traditions rarely do. These designers and celebrities share their favorite decorating stories


Recipe: Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary

A simple, wintery side dish perfect for any holiday meal.


A Party-Planner's Guide to Buying the Right Amount of Alcohol

When it comes to figuring how much booze to buy, consider this


Ice Cream Sandwich Sticks

Use this fabulous and easy recipe to give your holiday dessert a little twist.


Home for the Holidays: 18 Gorgeous No-Fuss Decorations

Adding seasonal touches to your home is as easy as lighting some candles


Get 'Gin' the Holiday Spirit

Don’t spend all night bartending. For your next celebration, let gin please every palette.


Spruced-Up Home for the Holidays

Be it funky, classic, rustic or luxurious, sometimes you just want something different to show your guests for the holidays. These tips will either dress up or tone down your décor vibes without losing a sense of festivity.

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